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Macy had an appointment with the Nephrologist (kidney doctor) last Friday.  She was also due for an ultrasound before the appointment so we could discuss it.1

I love how we get right in when going for ultrasounds. She has had so many she knows what to do.  The US tech keeps telling me all about what things are and this is the blood flow and this is that.  I kept thinking in the back of my head – Lady I don’t care about all that I wanna know if there are any kidney stones?, so I finally just asked her – She says to me…”I can’t diagnose anything, I can only tell you that there is good blood flow.  I was like HUMPH…whatever!  LOL

Although I knew there probably wasn’t any because being that she has had so many before we know that they measure these said stones….and none of that happened.  But off to the doctor to confirm that.

I finally admit to the doctor that we had stopped the Poly-Citra K supplement a couple months ago.  On her last ultrasound she had a less then 1mm stone left out of 5 that they found when she was 9 months old.  Dr comes in with the best news ever!!! NO MORE KIDNEY STONES!!! YAY.  We don’t have to back for one year. Unless she seems to be having problems.  We are so happy and thrilled there are none left!!  Best news ever!

The thought of her having kidney stones and the potential that they could hurt her was awful, especially since we would have no clue if it would be.  Now that we know they are gone (FOR NOW)  we don’t have to worry as much!


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